This Privacy Policy applies to all businesses and shared JV partnership schools, and Licensed Curriculum holders associated with K12 Prep Academy LLC (K12 PREP). This policy describes how K12 PREP collects, uses, shares, and secures the personal data you provide. It also describes your choices regarding use, access, and changes to your personal data. Data collected through our service will be limited solely to the purpose of providing the service for which you (the Client) have engaged K12 PREP. If and when a third-party company provides a related service to support our service, such as language translation, we make sure that when personal data is processed by them, we require that those third-party companies meet our security standards and those of the applicable legislation that applies from time to time.

Why we collect personal data

When you enroll in our program with any level of user account, or when a user has their information processed by K12 PREP, we process personal data (such as name, email address, job title, and school) so that we can correctly administer your account and provide you with the best customer service. All personal data we process is directly linked to a specific purpose, such as requesting access to our academic content database. At any time, you can access, update, rectify any personal data by logging into your account and clicking “Profile Info” or contacting Customer Support. Please see our Privacy Policy for more detailed information about how we protect your personally identifiable information.

Protecting your data

We endeavor to keep your personal data safe and secure at all times. Depending on the K12 PREP solution used, personal data is normally processed in both Europe and in the United States with robust technical and organizational safeguards in place to protect such personal data. Passwords are required to access your personal data, so please remember to keep your password confidential. Even with the best security systems, it is impossible to guarantee 100% protection from hackers and unauthorized third parties who capture information provided over public networks.

When user information is submitted to K12 PREP, it is secured in our secured in a database of licensed software gathering programs, that are further protected by a secure server. K12 PREP also maintains a separate repository of users information.

Multi-jurisdictional compliance

As a global company, one area of ongoing debate and development concerns the mechanisms put in place to monitor cross-border data transfers. K12 PREP is fully committed to going through any reviews and certifications needed to meet new rules and requirements, no matter how complex. We have recently undergone an external audit to ensure that we uphold best practices for data privacy and protection and meet our customers’ evolving needs.

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