Accredited Online High School

K12 Prep Academy helps students plan for their future from College and beyond

Through its partnered school K12 Prep Academy offers its students a fully accredited online high school program. Through our online learning options, you can prepare for the college of your choice, or get ready for a rewarding career. In addition to required (core) courses, K12 PREP students can take a series of electives that include a cutting edge VR Chemistry class, career oriented courses, take a special courses for college credit, NCAA approved courses (for our athletes), or work with us to propose a series of courses that fit in to our Personalized Learning Plan (PLP).

K12 Prep Academy is unique among online high schools in that we encourage you to develop an independent program that fits your personal goals. The Personalized Learning Plan allows you to find your own voice. You simply need to schedule a special meeting with our Student Counselors. We will provide additional consultation and devise a plan that fits your unique needs.

We offer a complete, private school experience:

  • Admissions coordinator services
  • Bi-monthly guidance counselor sessions
  • Clubs and community
  • College planning services
  • College prep courses
  • Electives including Spanish and French
  • School counseling services
  • Homeroom/Mentorship teachers
  • Honors courses
  • NCAA Approved Courses
  • Learning Styles Profile (LSP)
  • Online high school course materials
  • Parent support services
  • Personalized Learning Plan (PLP)
  • Records and transcripts
  • Self-paced, mastery-based learning
  • Student support services
  • Virtual office hours
  • Teacher support services
  • Discussion Boards
Adult Program